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Cool old stuff and things I had never seen, until this week, on Instagram…
– 1975 Pontiacs. With such cool colors. 
– A Honda Accord wagon, after they stopped selling the wagon in the US.
– A very strange Mercedes prototype I had never seen before. Looking more like a Simca than a Benz.
– Another very strange one: the Renault Project 900. By Ghia.
– A really cool looking early 1967 sketch for the 1970 Chevrolet Vega.
– One super futuristic Toyota Concept from 1969: The EX-1.
– Clay models for the Toyota Previa (Estima in Japan)

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  1. That very strange Mercedes – the W118 – actually went on to become the DKW F102, which then became the first after war Audi (Mercedes owned Audi back then); It would have also been the first FWD Mercedes, but Merc considered it too downmarket, thus handed it to their "Entry level" brand. Even the first Audi 100 clearly shows it'S origins here…

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