MLA based Range Rover EV coming in 2021

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This is not the first time we hear rumors about a “car” from Range Rover.
Something that would not be a regular SUV. (Earlier rumors surfaced last year)

This illustration shows what it could look like. Basically, some sort of slick wagon.
Which, I think, is a great idea.

The new model will be based on the new MLA EV platform. Which will also be used in the all new Jaguar XJ Electric sedan.
I think this makes a lot of sense to offer the sedan as a Jaguar and the wagon version as a Range Rover.

With a 100kWh battery pack, the MLA models could get an electric range of around 300 miles.
Which is OK, but not really great for something high end as a Jaguar or Range Rover.

Especially since these are still a year or two away…

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  1. The new MLA EV platform looks attractive but my main issue is Jaguar reliability! Of course I could lease it too! LOL!

  2. So, let me get this straight, most manufacturers are leaving the car market for suvs and Land Rover is doing the complete opposite? 🤔

  3. I like the Evs to keep the grilles they have as regular Gas burning cars. the Tesla one, especially the 3 looks goofy at best.

  4. Funny because some people on EV news sites say that an EV with a grille is like a woman with a mustache.

  5. It is unlikely that this will achieve a 300 mile EPA range with a 100KWh battery pack. The iPace has a 90KWh battery pack and only achieves 234 miles of EPA rated range and is only a small four seater. A natual comparison… the Model X has seating for seven, is much larger, has more storage and achieves 328 miles with its 100KWh battery pack. JLR's battery technology is not as sophisticated as Teslas. But we'll see.

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