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This has to be the weirdest automotive design I have seen in many years.
Also a gutsy gamble. At least visually.
It is still hard to see if this is really close to the production model to not. Since it’s impossible to see any bumpers or rear view mirrors.
Is the LED line up front actually all you need as headlights?
How does the bed top open up?
At 238 inches long, it is about the size of a full size pick up truck from Ford and the others.
Electric range starts at 250 miles for the base model. All the way up to “over 500 miles” for the top model.
RWD with one motor is standard. While AWD with 2, or even 3 motors are options.
The base price for the 250 miles range/RWD model is $40 000.
Which would be quite amazing if real. ( We have not even seen a production version of the new Roadster yet…)
Production is scheduled to start in late 2022. That is a full 3 years away!
By that time there will be many other electric full size trucks available.
But none will look as weird or unique. And probably none of them will start at $40 000…

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  1. No really. Is this a joke? Is this a design an 8 year old child drew in 1986 when asked what a pickup truck would look like in 2020?

    No doubt the leaders of GM, Ford and FCA had a very good night sleep last night.

  2. I love it! Looks like something out of Blade Runner! Finally Tesla is making an original and innovative design. But at the same time, i don't know if many Silverado or F-150 owners will be convinced by this. Either way, it's a ballsy move from Elon Musk, and i respect that.

  3. Those sharp corners and edges are going to look really bad once they get dings and they will get dings and dents.

  4. The basic design would look better as a SUV imo. Could easily give the G-Class and Escalade a run for its money in L.A.

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