More pictures of the 2020 VW Passat.

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As I mentioned before, the more I see the 2020 Passat, the more I like it.
I think VW did a good job updating the car. It is not all new but it actually looks more new than many “new” models from Audi or BMW.
It has a classic look that actually last longer than many more modern designs.
Same thing inside. Classic lines. And a much nicer interior than the more expensive Atlas.
For less money than most of its competition, you get a super solid, roomy and quiet car. that does look pretty upscale for its price (Starting at $23 000)

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  1. These pics look like an old seller who wants to promote his new deal : looks new, low millage, etc.

  2. It might look a little newer compared to last year, but the Passat is a very dated design in general, especially compared to the majority of it's competition.

  3. In the trim level shown it's a very handsome car, although I suppose you can just buy a 2017-2018 for a similar effect.

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