More pictures of the all new Kia Optima/K5

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Again, this looks quite impressive for a “non-luxury” brand. Inside and out.
The whole thing looks quite upscale.
It looks like this is trying to be what the Telluride is to SUVs, in the sedan segment.
Which is basically offer as much quality and content as more expensive luxury brands.
This new Optima not only is aiming at the Accord, Camry, Mazda 6 crowd. But also maybe Audi or Lexus.

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  1. Ok,this could very well be my favorite new midsize sedan design wise, inside and out. I hope, but seriously doubt it will have a better available engine than the Sonata's 1.6 turbo. It needs a 2.0 turbo or even a small V6 option to truly be competitive with the top trim models in this class. I really hope Mazda is paying close attention, and rises to the occasion with the 4th gen Mazda 6.

  2. Anyone know if the new Optima has an AWD option? The only midsize sedan that is still FWD only is now the Accord! Camry, Legacy, Altima have AWD as an option. No sure about VW?

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