More pictures of the new 201 Kia Optima driving around.

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Showing off a pretty distinctive LED design, front and rear.

The side scoops are a bit much and unnecessary. Which is too bad.
Probably a “sportier” version.  (Since there seems to be a small spoiler in the back…)

Let’s hope the rear bumper is a bit cleaner/simpler on otters models.

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  1. Seems nobody has a problem designing attractive sedans. It's just that for all their style, most sedans are highly impractical.

  2. It's incredible how the 2011 Optima still looks decades more modern than this mess. Talk about a regressive design…

  3. Have to see it in person, but looks much busier than the last two generations and way worse then the Sonata. Really dislike the rear end styling. Too bad about not risking a hatch.

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