2020 Mercedes GLA

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I always liked the GLA, and this one is a nice update.

Although it seems to have quite a bit less personality than the first generation. Mercedes has made it taller and tried to make it look more like an SUV. But it still looks like a “slightly taller” hatchback to me. Even more so than the Subaru Crosstrek.

While I do like the simpler and cleaner design, it is starting to become quite generic.
From a straight profile, it could almost be anything. Even a new Kia.

Inside, things are very similar to everything Mercedes has based on that platform. A-Class, CLA, B-Class and GLB all have a very similar interior.
This one looks simpler and a bit cleaner than the A-Class sedan sold in the US.
But also not very fancy or upscale.

Even though the GLA looks nice, it is now facing competition from, not only other Luxury brands, but also main stream manufacturers.
The current model starts at around $34 000.
For that money you can get very well equipped  Mazda CX-5 Turbo.
Or any numbers of loaded compact crossovers. And they are all pretty good and roomier.

That 3 point star is still an expensive extra with it for some…

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  1. Love the comparison to KIA Xceed in Europe. Still think that the Koreans are aiming for Premium quality at mainstream price.

  2. I switched to Lexus this year after a decade plus with Benz. The new Benz are cheap and plastic-y. Nothing more than a fancy Kia.

    Mr. Bigg

  3. Yes they have been for years. As Vince says those badges are expensive, but people still buy them, credit to all the German premiums for this. Sell mainstream goods at premium prices = good profits.

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