2020 Opel Insignia/2021 Buick regal

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Opel has just released pictures of the revised Insignia sedan and wagon for the European market.
Which means our Buick Regal Sportback and Tour-X will be getting the same changes very soon, since they are basically the same car.
(The Regal being imported from Europe)
I think Opel did a great job. The design still looks good and it didn’t need anything new. The few changes actually simplify the design and the front and rear ends look a bit cleaner than before.
The wagon still looks pretty fantastic. Even with the plastic cladding added for the Tour-X version, it looks 100 times cleaner than the new Subaru outback with all the overdone plastic bits all over it…

This is the current version of the Buick Regal. it looks like they actually shrunk the grille a bit on the new one. it does look a bit thinner. 

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  1. GM has reportedly confirmed the Regal is dead in the US after the 2020 model year, so we actually won’t be getting this facelift in sedan or TourX form.

  2. The regal is dead in the us for 2021. They just announced it! Makes sense as they're refreshing it. Similar to the lacrosse where we just didn't get the refresh. And since 90% of Buick sales are SUVs I guess it makes sense. Was surprised they dropped the AWD wagon too though. Maybe they'll get additional SUVs in the us. I'd love a BOF Buick!

  3. I agree with you, Vince. The slight changes have made for a better design. I really don't know what my family should buy – the Regal TourX or the Encore GX or perhaps the Enspire once it comes out. (That's a good thing when a person's choices are difficult!)

  4. We probably won't see it because Buick is killing this car in the USA and follow Ford with no sedans for the US Market.

  5. Just read that Buick is killing the Regal after the 2020 model year, effectively making it a sedan-free brand.

  6. I find the car to look bland in anything other than top end spec and wagon. Not surprised its being killed off in the US. I think Australia is next with the Holden-re-badge since sales have been horrible.

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