2021 Cadillac Escalade

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Once again, the Cadillac version of the Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe doesn’t have its own design.
It is still pretty much the same body as the Chevrolet.
And who cars, since GM cannot build them fast enough…
As usual, it has its own front and rear end. And now it looks like they are at least trying to modify the profile a bit more with a different chrome trim. 
But that interior looks pretty fantastic.
This is really what all Cadillacs should look like inside.
It is really too bad the CT-5 and CT-5 came out a bit too early to get something like this.
And it would, of course, have been the perfect design for a CT-6 interior…
Let’s hope this spreads out to all their other interior redesigns. 

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  1. Man, I really think the current Escalade exterior is a lot flashier and more imposing than this, it’s the new grille that’s all dark plastic that really detracts from the look of the new Caddys. It’s kind of a balance, the new Yukon and Suburban look more upscale and the Escalade looks a little less upscale.

    But you’re right. That interior is gorgeous. !!!

  2. The BMW X7 didn't get that much praise even this one looks even more hilarious than the beamer! I must miss something obviously.

  3. I love ventilated seats! Makes the whole entire interior look ultra luxury inside. At around 210 inches long, not sure if it would fit in garage! I have to wait and possible buy the Alfa chassis Jeep Grand Cherokee? I like square shape crossover/SUV! Price might be easily over $100K as based price. That means with options $120K+ equipped. To much for me!

  4. The exterior is a massive step backwards. Caddy Escalade needs BLING, not Boring. They've taken their most uninspired design, and grafted it onto the face of this; such a shame.

    Interior is nice though.

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