2021 Genesis G70

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It looks like 2020 will be quite a year for the new Genesis brand.
Soon after the revised 2020 G90, we will be getting a brand new version of the G80 sedan. An all new GV80 SUV. Quickly followed by a smaller GV70.
And this (already) revised G70 sedan.
Although it is almost fully covered, the G70 pictured above will only be getting new front and rear ends. To match the other Genesis models.
Mainly, a huge Superman grille and these thin double LED head lights and rear lights.
The base engine will grow to 2.5 Liter. With a bit over 300hp.
The same engine, with slightly less power will soon be introduced in the new N-Line version of the Sonata.

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  1. I have a G70 and I’m glad it is a lease, this new refresh will make my car lose a lot of value. Lesson learned, I really like my car but I will never buy a Genesis if they keep doing this crap.

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