2021 Hyundai Santa Cruz

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While the prototypes are still under heavy camouflage, you can already tell the production version (top pic) of the Santa Cruz concept (bottom) will stay pretty close to the original design.
The main change being the addition of full size rear doors.
I think this could be quite a hit for Hyundai, if priced a bit bellow the Ranger and Colorado.

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  1. Should look great i think. Shame they couldn't keep the smaller doors. I feel that in today's market people would be buying a lot of these in the same fashion they buy sporty SUVs, so not necessarily for practicality only.

  2. Can't see the length of the camo'd truck because of the other one, but the bed past the rear wheels may be shorter than the Ridgeline.

    Also, the rear wheel opening in the Ridgeline doesn't eat into the rear door, there's a few inches between. This does.

  3. This may sound crazy, but that is exactly what I am looking for! I live in a large metropolitan area and own a home – with the home ownership comes the need for a vehicle that can actually haul some things (nothing major – yard waste, smaller home equipment like lawn mowers/snow blowers), the metropolitan area renders a full sized V8 truck useless as the stop and go rush hour commute renders it at about a solid 12 – 13 mpg.

    I know the "truck community" will ridicule me for this vehicle, but honestly, it fits my needs!

  4. I think you are not alone, and it could fit a lot of people's need. It it turns out looking good, it would be quite a hit. Hyundai is also pushing their Hybrid and Plug-in tech everywhere these days. A plug-in pick-up in a "sensible" size could be quite attractive to many .

  5. I love the idea of the Ridgeline. And I am sure it is great.
    I just think the look is not very attractive. I actually liked the first generation better (one of the few who did) since it did stand out for being different. The current one tries a bit too hard to look like a regular truck.
    I think there is a market for something car based that looks different than a truck. I also think things like the El Camino need to make a come back! They are pretty much all most people need. And they could look really cool.

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