2021 Hyundai Santa Cruz

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Just another spy shot of Hyundai’s all new Santa Cruz pick up. (First one HERE)
Which will do battle with the Honda Ridgeline in the US.

It looks like Hyundai isn’t trying to make it look like anything else but a real pick- up truck.
Which might be what people want. Since the redesigned, “more truck looking” Ridgeline still isn’t  selling well. ( only around 30 500 last year)

So Hyundai will not be trying anything new.

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  1. While the Ridgeline is also a unibody truck, I don't think Ridgeline shoppers will cross shop with Hyundai. The Ridgeline is a truck offering for Honda loyalists. Ridgeline was never meant to truly compete as top-contender, only to get a piece of the mid-size truck pie for Honda customers.

    Sales numbers success is relative. The new Ridgeline has hovered around 3,000ish Ridgelines a month. Latest sales numbers jumped 36 percent month over month so, for Honda, the Ridgeline has been a success.

    They only reconfigured an existing platform after all. Low R&D cost.

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