2021 Mercedes EQS illustration

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Of course, the production version will not be as stunning looking as the concept we saw a few months ago (bellow)
Still, this will be a large hatchback sedan that will be very tough competition to the Tesla Model S.
Unlike the new Porsche Taycan. A much smaller car. 
Even though the Model S technology is still quite amazing, and Tesla’s charging network is by far the best, it came out in 2012.
There is quite a market these days for an all new luxury electric sedan.

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  1. "There is quite a market these days for an all new luxury electric sedan."
    Until there are sales, that's just conjecture.

    Nissan thought they were going to clean up with a convertible SUV.

  2. I expecting the Model S to get new interior in 2020. New battery technology too. 8 years is the limit for Elon’s ego! Cost more too, however.

  3. The illustration, while definitely more realistic than the concept, is still too conservative for what I think the final product will be. Spy shots show the windshield lands much further forward (like a FWD product) and the grille will look more EQC than AMG.

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