2021 VW T-Sport

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That’s right, VW is preparing yet another small SUV/Crossover thing.

This time it will be mostly for the Brazilian market. Although it could spread to other countries later. (mostly India and the rest of South America)

It is mostly based on the same platform as the Polo.
If so, it would basically be a raised up “4 door coupe” version of the Polo hatchback.
Which is what people are into these days…

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  1. Considering how back jungle a lot of Brazil is, I could see this doing well there. I'd just get an SUV/Crossover with the standard back opening instead of this if it was me. I don't get these things.

  2. Please read "alredy" and "Nivus"…
    Btw, it will be sold close to you (Mexico), and built as well in Europe, where it can probably adopt T-sport name (although I believe more this name change will happen only in China).

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