Buick Regal dead after 2020…

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Just hours after my last post about the revised 2020 Opel Insignia, GM announced these cars will not make it to the US.
Since they are killing the Regal model here. They killed them all! The Regal, Regal GS and Tour-X.

Of course, we hear the usual excuse “customers want SUV’s” BS.
Sure, it it true most people buy SUVs over mid sized sedans these days.
But GM never really pushed the Regal.
When was the last time you met a “non-car person” who even knew about it?
And when was the last time you met someone who had ever heard of the Regal Tour-X wagon??

GM needed to push these cars and they never did.
The Tour-X has been getting great reviews. And could have really stolen more sales from the Outback. But almost no one knew it even existed.

Toyota, Nissan, Honda and even Mazda are making money with their sedans. Because they want to.

The truth is, GM isn’t making much money on these cars (if any). They are made in Germany. And now they have to buy them from new Opel owner Peugeot.
They make much more money by selling “cheaper to build”  SUVs like the new Encore GX.

The Chevrolet Cruise and Ford Fusion were selling well. But GM and Ford chose to save money by closing or converting the factories to build higher profit margin SUVs instead.
These days, they don’t only build what makes money, they only will build what makes the most money.

Will we all be forced into giant pick up trucks in a few years???

It’s not about the consumer’s taste, it’s always about money.

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  1. Vince, your comments about GM's lack of effort to sell the Regals is spot-on! Thank you for your thoughts and for trying to get GM to come to their senses. Thank goodness the forthcoming Buick CUVs and SUVs look well-done.

  2. They are hugely discounted at the moment, especially on the preowned market. Even the GS, which I believe was way overpriced when it was first introduced is heavily discounted.

  3. I already had a sinking feeling about the Regal when I noticed the 2020 Buick brochure from the LA show only had the crossovers in it.. shame they couldn't find a way to keep the TourX (or something like it) in their lineup.

  4. The TourX is a truly great car. I just bought a well-optioned one (top-spec Essence without Nav or pano roof) last weekend for $29.5k. It's got nearly everything I want, nothing I don't, and a solid, quiet ride. It's a soft-roader at best, but I have a Rubicon for the dirt. The "leather" is vinyl. While that's a actually good thing in practice, don't try to pass it off as leather. I agree with the overpriced comment for all Regals. I think I got a good deal (going rate BTW), but overall MSRP is about 3-5k too high for these. That may be a function of the Opel OEM arrangement. Too bad it's dead, but it ensures that I will have a unique ride.

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