Chevrolet Silverado test drive.

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  The new Silverado is a very nice looking truck in person.
I even like the rather weird wavy character line on the front fenders. And the front end doesn’t resemble a “wall of chrome” like on some other trucks.

But overall, the look is still pretty generic for a full size pick up truck. Which, I guess, most truck buyers like.
(people who really, really want to stand out can always  get the Tesla Cybertruck)
It only looks “new” when compared to the previous generation.  Not really better or more modern. Just different…

Same thing inside. It’s all new, but kind of the same.
It pushes even more the “tricky/macho feel”. Everything is big, heavy, and a bit overdone.
The column shifter seems exactly the same as in previous generations.
And so does the center console cover. 

 The plastic chrome around the gauges has a very late 90’s feel to it.
Again, this seems to be designed for people who have always been buying the same truck over and over again. People who don’t like things to change too much…

 Everything feels very solid inside.
My expensive “Trail Boss” version had leather seats and a sunroof.
The seats are very comfortable. Unfortunately, the headrests cannot be adjusted forward (a common problem with almost all new GM interiors)
The optional sunroof is a very nice addition.

The Bose stereo sounds great. And GM’s newest infotainment system is always a pleasure to use.
And very easy to figure out.

One little detail I noticed was the lack of auto-up function for the passenger windows.
Nothing vital, but the truck I was driving is priced at over $58 000…

 The rear seat is roomier than ever. With huge amounts of legroom for everyone.

 My test truck came with the optional “underseat storage” which is a dealer installed $255 option.

As you can see, it does take a lot of the cargo room. Since I had to pick up a couple of friends (and their luggage) from the airport, I actually had to remove it.
It might be convenient for some people who need to hide their expensive tools, but most will miss the otherwise available room.  And the plastic feels very flimsy.

 The driving experience can be best described as “old fashion”.

Unless you are able to drive the current one and the previous generation back to back, I think it is impossible to tell the difference.
I actually think the Silverado driving experience has not really changed, or improved, for a few generations.
This really feels like you are driving a big pick up truck from 5, 10 or even 20 years ago.
The ride feels smooth since the tires are so big. But it is not really. Even on good roads, you are still constantly moving around. Up and down, left and right.
The steering and brakes are fine, but still a bit mushy.
this is in no way trying to be car like. Which, again, is fine for most real truck buyers who don’t want a car in the first place.

The big 5.3 Liter V8 is always super smooth and quiet. The 8 speed automatic is quite amazing. And always willing to downshift when needed.
The ride is as I described: trucky.

And it is always very quiet. Even with the off road tires from this Trail Boss version.

 One ridiculous thing I noticed was the super cheap fixed antenna.

It doesn’t retract. And is actually about an inch too high to fit in regular parking structures. So while you are looking for a spot, you hear it hitting every single concrete post above your head.
Why?  Why???  On a $58 000 truck!

 Of course, gas mileage on a giant off road pick up truck isn’t gong to be great.

Still, while my test model is rated at 15MPG city. The best I got was only 12.
(although I did match the 20MPG number on the freeway)

Yes. That is 12 MPG in 2019/20…

 I did enjoy my week with the new Silverado trail Boss.

But I really think this is strictly for truck fans. People who really need that big of a truck.
And mostly, repeat Chevrolet truck buyers. Since it feels and drives pretty much the same as Chevy trucks from the past few generations.
Which, again, is a really good thing for tons of people…

 You can click on the window sticker to enlarge it.

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  1. That antenna being an inch too tall is emblematic of typical Gm engineering. You just want to scream WHYYYY!! at some of their decisions or oversights. This whole truck reeks of "we need a 'new' truck but have no forward thinking ideas of how to improve anything." It's almost like the truck was designed to be sold at 20% off MSRP.

  2. Vince, you say the driving position hasn't changed? I guess you didn't notice the steering wheel is no longer off centre. I guess you didn't take too much notice of much whilst you were driving?

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