Fisker Ocean “California Mode”

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Here is what the “California Mode” looks like on the new Kisker Ocean electric SUV.

 It basically lowers all the windows with just one simple button. Which is pretty cool, I guess.
Cool to see the rear side windows going down. Since it seems no none else is doing that.

Here are a few more pictures of what looks like the opposite of the California Mode: the snow.
And charging…

I really like the new Fisker SUV design.
But I am just wondering if this is still a prototype. Since I can’t see any cuts for the numbers.
Production cars have a different part for the bumpers from the body of the car. On this one, the fenders go all the way around the car. Unless the lower black trim is considered the bumper thesis days??

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  1. A very high beltline.

    Wonder how long the range is when it's below freezing, and if the heater is up to snuff.

    Don't ask me to clean that "grille."

  2. Only morons would stick the name of the car on the roof and not where anyone could see it.

    Unless they think that people who ride the bus are potential customers.

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