Mystery new 7 seater Jeep for the US

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 The 2 spy shots above show a car with very similar proportions to the Chinese Grand Commander.(Brown car above)
Jeep had announced previously that a new model, based on the Grand Commander would appear in the US.
Since it is completely covered in thick camouflage, I guess it would indeed be a new design.
Or maybe a Dodge version. Or even a Chrysler???

The Grand Commander was caught testing in the US before. This picture was taken a few months ago.
I guess they were testing the platform without the all new US design?

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  1. What's the point if the will offer a brand new larger Grand Cherokee and big mama Wagoner?

  2. It's a prototype of the 7 seater Jeep Compass that is going to be sold here in Brazil. Yeah, it sounds terrible, but it's gonna happen. The roofline is pretty sportier when compared to the Grand Commander. Imagine how cramped it's going to be back there.

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