New contender for ugliest car in the word: Citroen C3L Sedan

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The new sedan is based on the Chinese market Citroen 3-XR SUV. (bottom picture)
So it is basically a sedan version of a raised hatchback.
And it just looks so wrong…

Since they did their  based to keep cost down, the doors are the same on both models.
Which makes for a very awkward D-pillar on that poor sedan.

This is one sad design for Citroen.

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  1. No, it's still the Juke, though the new one is way better than the old.

    This might look better when not in white and black.

  2. I don't think it's hideous Vince. I actually think it has quite a bit of appeal in today's me too femi-sleek shapes. It just needs a bit of tailoring to reel-in the doughy front feeling. I think it has a toughish, jaunty appeal that's right for deteriorating roads. (Like here in SoCal).

  3. Why>
    My guess is, if this is for a market of people with limited means using roads full of potholes AND you don't want a SUV, this might be a decent alternative.
    Personally, I'd stick with the SUV, but this most likely the design for this wasn't expensive.

    Doesn't look much worse than the Ford Taurus or whatever they called that police car.

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