Nissan Armada Sedan

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This is basically what happens when you have too much money.
You start spending it on BS still like turning a Nissan Armada into a sedan.
This was built for a rich Arab Sheik. And it shows what a horrible idea it is to lower an Armada and add a trunk to it.
It looks neither luxurious or impressive. Just terrible, vulgar and weird.
But hey, it’s actually kind of funny…

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  1. Even throwing the conversion costs in, probably comes in cheaper than a Bentley or RR.

    If it retains or has AWD it can also be kind of versatile in the sand.

    Fix up that rear window and it's not that bad.

  2. Those tour bus wheel covers need to be replaced with custom truck size wire wheels, maybe? Also that hood could be a little longer to house a V16…. Maybe add some fins on the rear fenders, too?

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