Production interior of the VW SMV SUV

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VW showed a concept called the SMV a while ago in China. Which was a preview for an all new SUV model based on the MQB platform.
Now we get to see the interior of the actual production version.
Which seems quite modern. And downright futuristic when compared to current VW interiors like the Atlas or Tiguan.
It seems to be a bridge between VW’s “regular” interiors and their new designs for the electric I.D models.

This is the concept.

Which is supposed to be very close to the upcoming production model. It could be powered by a 2.0 Liter engine (like almost everything VW makes) or a new 2.5 Liter V6. (That sounds interesting…)

The SMV is larger than it looks on these pictures since it is a couple of inches longer than the Atlas.
This is coming out in 2020, so it will probably not become the next generation Atlas (which is due for a few small changes in 2020)
Which is really too bad. As it looks at least 10 times better. And about 100 times better inside.

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  1. I can't stand these Chinese-only cars. The only VW that makes sense to own is the freaking ID.3. Their non-electric models (ICE), may be nice but they will dry up fast.

  2. In no universe do those spy shots show an interior that is "100 times better" than the Atlas. It is full of cheap shiny plastic with a tiny screen in front of the steering wheel and a cheap/separated head unit for the nav screen that could be found in any aftermarket vehicle since 2010. Perhaps if this looked more like the new Golf I could get on board…but it doesn't.

  3. SMV: Suck My Volkswagen? Whatever..kill the Atlas, replace it with this. Man ,VW is a backwards company.

  4. I'm curious to know what VW is thinking. Because this car does not look very different from concept sketches for upcoming EVs like the VW wagon. They seem like mere evolution of their current designs which is a shame IMO. This was VW's chance to change things up and a different design direction – at least for their EVs, like how BMW did. Instead its going to be more of the same…

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