2021 Cadillac Escalade

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This is all we get for now. We’ll have to wait until February 4th to see the whole thing.
Or head over HERE to see the really a bit more.

I wish they had found a way to get rid of the horizontal headlights and squeeze the whole front lights into the vertical ones.
Which would really give the big Cadillac a very modern and original look.
Maybe next time?

The all new Escalade will probably still use the same old 6.2 Liter V8. Which is really not that
refined for a super expensive luxury truck.
There are still strong rumors about a full EV version a year or two later. Which could actually be great.

They really need to fast track this one…

No matter what, the new Escalade will get a really cool interior. 
Which will be much nicer than its GM cousins. With a pretty futuristic double screen design seen above. 
And a small shifter instead of the push button set up seen in the new Suburban/Tahoe and Yukon. 

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  1. Why don't they simply put a bow tie up front? That's the only missing part of a Chevrolet. Cadillac design team is always the same Chevrolet uses and now, GMC are a lot better looking. Good luck, Cadillac, you're past due.

  2. Other photos show a grille pattern like the XT6's: little shields instead of horizontal bars. Sport model?

    I'd rather have column shift and more room for manspreading. Why else have an 80" wide vehicle?

  3. The interior looks so cool. But the exterior is so disappointing. The current Escalade has been my favorite iteration of the design – clean, bold, and kind of gaudy. The new one is just another riff on Cadillac's simple and not-quite-luxurious looking design direction for its SUVs :

  4. I like the new Escalade styling, I can afford just the basic entry level model! It does not take a lot to zoom an Escalade past the $100K price tag. Will buy new to get full 3 year warranty if I like the new Escalade! Cadillacs are one of the least dependable luxury cars.

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