2021 Genesis G80

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In a very busy year, Genesis will very soon release an all new version of its G80 sedan.

Engines should be similar to the ones offered in the new GV80 SUV since both use a similar RWD platform.
This will go head to head with other luxury mid sized sedans. Although, again, no German car buyers will consider Genesis.

So basically, at least in the US, the competition will be mostly the new Cadillac CT5.
Which is very competitively priced at around $37 000.
And, I guess, the next generation Acura TLX, whenever it comes out.

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  1. "Although, again, no German car buyers will consider Genesis." You do not know that. Unless you have facts to back it up, there is no way you can prove that statement.

  2. Sensible people loom beyond the badge and rate the build quality and spec levels. Idiots by German premiums because they were good. These companies have worked out selling a car no better than its rivals but with an extra special $10 badge on it, you can charge what you like

  3. I agree with "no German car buyers will consider Genesis." Most of them are status seekers because of the badge. A Korean car is too "lowly" for their ego.

  4. I think the G80 is aim at the German luxury sedans: A6, 5 Series, E Class along with the Jaguar models.

  5. I drive a Porsche and my wife has a BMW so I guess we qualify as German car buyers. And when her X5 is ready to go I’m looking forward to checking out this Genesis. So I guess at least one German car buyer will consider this. Although I may be a special case; I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Korea being squired around in a SsangYong Chairman, the absolutely hilarious overdone Korean takeoff on the Mercedes S Class. It’s endeared me forever to Korean cars.

  6. My entire family and our dog only drive Porsches. So. I guess, that should make us German car buyers. We are so impressed with the Koreans that we will definitely consider the G80. We are not sure about our dog though.

  7. Definitely looking forward to the new G80 and I am a German fanatic luxury brand owner! I think either the GV70, GV80 or the G80 might be my new new car! I decided not to buy a full size SUV like the Escalade!

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