2021 Hyundai Elantra

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The next generation Elantra looks like it will be a lot sleeker than the current model.
Which, in my opinion, never looked as good as the previous one.
Looks like there will be a pretty large piece of black plastic right behind the rear side window. Unless that ends up being chrome in some versions.
The rear window seems really slick. At least from the angle. Again, this looks like it should be a hatchback. But probably won’t be…
Good to see that most manufacturers are still designing sedans. 
(looking better and more modern than ever)
And why not! Hyundai sold over 200 000 of these in 2018.

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  1. I hope there is something spectacular hiding beneath the camouflage because right now it is looking like something horribly cheap and unattractive. If Hyundai is going to take up that much real estate on the C-pillar with something other than sheetmetal, it better be installing an actual window there instead of a large piece of cheap looking triangular black plastic. I am hoping against hope that the black plastic on the C-pillar is just camouflage to alter the appearance of the vehicle in an attempt to fool everyone until Hyundai is ready to reveal the production ready vehicle (although I seriously doubt it).

    I agree that the current gen Elantra has never looked as good as the generation that came directly before it, but this monstrosity is not looking like much of an improvement so far. Like I said before, I hope I am pleasantly surprised when the production version is unveiled.

    It's too bad that we can't have the Chinese market Lafesta sedan as the next gen Elantra; that car is a seriously good looking vehicle!

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