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This is so far the best look we have of the all new Kia Sorento for 2021.
And, at least to me, it really does not look better than the current model.
The current one is still modern and pretty classy looking. Even quite upscale. This one looks like it is trying to hard. Way too hard. 
It is even strange to think it came out from the same brand who is selling the Telluride. Which looks so much better, and simpler.
This interior is just tacky. All that plastic silver trim has too look pretty bad in real life (as it usually does)
I don’t really get what they were going for here. maybe to appeal more to the Chinese market?
I think for a few thousand dollars more, the telluride is a vast improvement over this…

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  1. I'm a fan of the exterior and am already warming up to the interior. The current generation has gotten tired looking and is a little too round for my tastes. Given the somewhat similar sizes of this and the Telluride, I think it was smart to make them more distinct (both inside and outside). Making them too similar means people are cross-shopping them (given similar prices, etc). This way, they styling differences will bring both sets of customers in the door.

  2. like the interior, save for that awful thick silver trim around the vents and climate controls. It's that "busy futuristic" look.

    As for the exterior, I like it, too. It's edgier (gaudier) than the simpler Telluride. The look is more inline with the big-mouth and big-grille looks of Toyotas and the Big Three pickups. Since Kia now has two 3-row crossovers, I'm sure they want a classier one and a truckier one?

  3. If the Telluride keeps getting compared to the Highlander then what is the Sorento a rival to with Toyota?

  4. Jamayl – Nothing currently, but likely the upcoming Toyota crossover (hinted to be a redo of the Venza) that would compete with the Edge, Passport, Blazer, Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport, etc.

  5. From the new photos, it looks nice exteriorly but the center stack vertical odd shap vents throw it into the cheap category. Otherwise, it looks nice! Need to see the full side view however.

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