2021 Mercedes S-Class

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As you can see from the top photo, the all new Mercedes S-Class will continue the tradition of not looking all new. (Current generation in white)
While the interior is supposed to be quite futuristic, with a huge center screen, the exterior seems to follow a very similar shape. 
A simpler, cleaner version of the current design.
Which is what all new generation Mercedes models seem to look like : cleaner versions of the previous design.
Which is fine, but it would also be fine to see something new once in a while…

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  1. Looks like the grille is thrust forward several inches. That seems to be the new trend for sedans. Hope the auto braking works well.

  2. um, what are they doing to the grille… I like the SUV looks better. I don't like the rounded edges…. but I can't afford a Benz so what do I know…

  3. Um, those wheels are a little too similar (but obviously bigger and nicer) to the ones on the facelifted Toyota Prius from a year or two ago…!

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