2021 Nissan Pathfinder

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There is a new Nissan Pathfinder on the way.
After almost 9 years, a new generation will appear.

The current model is basically one of the worst choice for a 3 row crossover.
I drove one almost 3 years ago and it was pretty bad then.
It just feels heavy and lumpy most of the time. And the big V6 is not even very smooth.

Not sure what will power the new one yet. But let’s hope for some electrification of some sort.
At least as an option.
And improved driving dynamics. Although I hear the new one is based on a revised version of the same old platform…

Pretty much all choices for 3 rows family SUVS are very decent these days. Some of them  even excellent choices.
Nissan really needs this to be at least very good.

Let’s hope they don’t mess it up…

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  1. Nissan of late has crappy interiors, weird exterior angular styling and a “V” looking front grill design that is a big turn off. Most of their new models are CVT. I never look at Nissan and Infiniti when I go car shopping anymore! Suspension and sound proofing are also problematic too.

  2. Can't wait to see the new Rogue and Pathfinder! Hopefully the new Frontier isn't too far away…and the refreshed Armada is coming for 2021 hopefully.

  3. Hold on a minute… We’ve only seen these exterior shots of the Pathfinder and have no idea what the interior will be like. At least with the Rogue we got glimpses of the interior too and have an idea what to expect. So how could Carmaker1 know the interior is great? Also while we are at it, how could Carmaker1 know seemingly for certain that the CVT is being replaced by a 9 speed? Hmmm, carmaker1 are you a Nissan Insider?? If so, cool! Without getting yourself into trouble, would you be able to tell us when the new Rogue and Pathfinder will be on sale? My current Pathfinder lease ends in October and I’d love to be able to lease this next generation version at that time.

  4. Harry, you're full of it and always have your head in the sand.

    Nissan interiors have been vastly improving since the 2016 Maxima, 2019 Altima, 2020 Sentra, and etc.

    Clearly you don't know what a "crap interior" is, among many other things.

    The interior on this and the 2021 Rogue are very well done. All that capital expenditure is going towards new Nissans (not really Infiniti), hence poor profitability.

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