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It looks like the Tiguan will be receiving some changes for 2021. Pictured here is the European, shorter version. So the rear of the car is different anyway.. 
The front end on the 2021 version (top pic) looks all new and very inspired by the new 2020 Golf.
I hear the interior will also receive an upgrade.
Not sure if that just means a larger screen or a new design. 
The current version has a rather plain and boring interior. With plenty of hard plastics everywhere.
And just like the Atlas, it never really looked modern.
So anything will be an improvement…

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  1. Tiguan’s U.S. model has only one engine option – the 180 hp engine. The shorter size EU Tiguan get the additional GTI engine that has around 230 hp. I like the U.S. Tiguan styling but the underperforming engine has stop me from considering it as a compact crossover choice. Maybe VW U.S. will finally, offer the GTI engine as an additional option like Mazda finally offer the CX-9 engine as an engine option for the CX-5 after 4 years of indecision!

  2. I test drove the Tiguan a while ago was was not impressed. The interior is quite cheap. And the engine is just OK around town at low speed. Otherwise it gets rough and noisy. And the transmission would get easily confused. One of the worst choice out there, really…

  3. Rumor is a updated 2021 Tiguan will be release as well as a Tiguan R model with 300hp! If the”R” is release and it is under $60K U.S., I will buy it!

  4. To the people saying the tiguan has a cheap interior, let's be honest here, it's hard to find a compact suv that has a better quality interior. I've been in them all and the tiguan easily has one of the better interiors. Not saying it's an Audi or a luxury car by any means but definitely better than at least 90% of all compact suv's. I think people just expect too much out of VW because they used to be "near luxury." Also yes it's slow but is the cr-v fast? is the forester fast? the Rav4? No they are all slow. What does the Tiguan do better than the rest? Interior space. Which is what most people actually care about.

  5. I feel compelled to comment against the torrent of negativity surrounding the current styling of the Tiguan. Here in Australia i see many of them and they actually look good. Great even. Not over the top but not as bland or ugly as some make them out to be.

  6. Vince, you should come to Europe and spend more time here. Your definition of modern, it looks like is different here. VW interior is simple, not obstructed and in my opinion quite modern. In addition you are not getting the screen we get here in Europe.

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