All new Genesis GV80

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I realize it has been at least 2 days since I posted anything about the Genesis GV80, so here it is.
So many of them in one picture!

I think this will be a hit for the new brand. This, and the smaller GV70 are exactly what they need to be on the radar.
Not sure if the giant grille is fine in person (it looks pretty ridiculous on the 2020 G90).
But it’s not more shocking than what Lexus is doing.

Full official pictures and info are coming out soon. 

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  1. They look very nice in that photo. Like they ripped off Cadillac as a starting point and did a better job with the result.

  2. How is it the good looking Telluride and Paliside the same designers who designed the GV80 and it looks plain?

  3. The overall shape is pleasant, if not nearly as distinctive as it should be.. but the details are what ruin it for me. The grille for sure, the ridiculous fender vents, and what is up with the weird chrome lower bodyside wraparound? It doesn't even seem to line up properly on either side of the wheelwells.

  4. The unveiled GV80 after absorbing the photos is just okay looking! Not attractive exterior wise. I do not like the angled rear quarter window styling that leaves a lot of solid body space in the “D” pillar!

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