Chrysler Portal: What happened?

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This picture is at least 2 years old. Showing a “smaller than Pacifica” Chrysler.
Or a mule for something..

Former FCA boss Sergio Marchionne had mentioned a lot of “new and upcoming models” that never happened.
Like a production version of the Portal.
But he was also teasing a new, redesigned Challenger for years. Even claimed that dealers had seen prototypes.
And a smaller sporty car called the Cuda, or Barracuda. Which would have been available as a coupe and convertible.
We were also supposed to see new redesigned versions of the Charger and 300.
A larger Alfa Romeo sedan. Etc…

I do understand that market priorities change all the time. But from what was said at the time, some of these cars were almost ” ready to go”.

I would really love to see some of these designs, or prototypes somewhere.

And for other brands too. Like, what happened to future already designed Oldsmobile or Pontiac models by the time these brands were killed off?

 Like these GM-80 prototypes from the mid-80’s.

These were supposed to be the redesigned Camaro and Firebird on a new FWD chassis. (An Oldsmobile version was also planned)
Of course, it never happened. But was canceled pretty late, as you can see.

I think it is really cool to see these things. I always wonder if we will ever see others, like the ones I mentioned earlier.
Unreleased cars from brands killed abruptly. Or so many others…

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  1. Same here. I would love to be able to see all the planned models that got cancelled late. It was cool to see the original EV crossover Ford was planning, before switching to the Mach E program.

  2. Same thing happened to the Hyundai Portico. There were spy shots of the thing but it never came to market.

  3. Portal was Chrysler answer to a no sedan car with electrification. The Airflow still might be the same vehicle as the Portal.

    Vince stick to one topic and not add GM crap to the post.

  4. Wow Vince. Tough audience. I found the post interesting. I worry about Chrysler especially now. Slap the Chrysler name on any new vehicle PLEASE. Don't kill that storied brand. Seems like the planners at FCA can't multi-task – only attend to the Jeep brand.

  5. It's gotten to the point now where I don't even care about FCA because they have all these grandiose plans for products that never come to fruition; the Chrysler Portal, a Chrysler version of the Jeep Grand Commander, new FWD sedan based on the minivans, Jeep Wagoneer, the list goes on. I was real surprised to see the Gladiator make it to production.

  6. And yet so most of the staff that post online as insiders, are arrogant asshats who are grumble at any deserved criticism of FCA being slow to do anything.

    All they have are stupidly vague and condescending excuses, per Allpar and Mopar Insiders forums, which the public is expected to eat up with no complaints about doing better with product cadences.

    Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram are utterly mismanaged no matter how you look at it. I just ask anyone to read some of the posts by arrogant FCA employees on those named forums. Yes, don't shoot the messenger.

    However biting back at people who are understandably upset about slowness or lack of results, is insulting. That is pretty much even the greater public at large. Eventually all these old cars are going to stop being bought in large numbers.

    Signed, CM1

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