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These are pictures of a 1962 “Ford Cougar” prototype.
Which, obviously, became the first generation Mustang 2 years later.
Besides the name, the main obvious difference seems to be the oval headlights.
And the weird Cougar logo instead of the Mustang famous horse…

The cars pictured above are all early versions of what would become the Ford Fiesta. 
The blue one is from Ghia in 1972. While the others could be in-house projects. 
That last one is quite ugly…

This one is a Mercedes C-Class version from 1993.
Looking a lot like a smaller 1st generation E-Class. 

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  1. The C-Class mockup is from June 1988 not 1993. The finished the car in 1989.

    For Mustang it was September of 1962 everything wrapped up.

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