GM EV Pick-up coming up.

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Of course, this is a very early teaser.
When they say “our electric future is now”. “Now” means in a bout 2 years.
Since this electric truck will not go into production before the end of next year.

Apparently, the name Hummer will be revived. But not as a brand. More like a sub-brand to GMC.
Which basically makes no sense. Since they also claim an electric version of the GMC Sierra is coming up…

There will be plenty of electric pick-up trucks in 2 years. Since the next generation Ford F 150 will also be available in a full EV version.
Plus the Cybretruck from Tesla and luxury pick-up from Rivian.

And let’s not forget the electric Cadillac Escalade. Which will be coming up about a year after the Electric pick-up truck. That should be really interesting…

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  1. GM board should not have called all of their EV1s and crushed all except 3 at midnight. They really set GM back on BEV cars for 25 years! Sold all the EV1 patents to rumored Toyota, who was GM’s partner at the time. Sad! GM was the sole leader at that point in time in the early 1990s. Nobody else was doing BEVs.

  2. GM has 1 vehicle, ONE, that is a true EV. Everything else is just PR. Forever we've been hearing that 2020 is the year (not just from GM, but from all legacy automakers)…ok, here we are. The only legacy company that's meaningfully doing EV's is VW – and they're learning that it's not exactly a cake walk.

    So, sure GM, sure a truck is coming in 2021.

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