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 While they were showing off their all new GV80 SUV, Genesis also gave us a glimpse of its future.
Which, we already know, will include an all new G80 sedan. A revised G70 and the all new GV70 crossover.
But they also showed this shadowy picture of a coupe.(top)
Which is strange, since nobody comes up with 2 door cars anymore.

They did show us a coupe concept (bottom pic) a few years ago, but it turned out to be more a preview of the new G90 than an actual 2 door car.
Plus, the new shape they showed yesterday is more of a fastback.

A larger, luxury coupe sounds interesting though… A luxury EV coupe would be great.

They also showed what looks like a production version of their goofy Mint Concept we just saw a few months ago.
I guess the market for this would mostly be in Europe. 

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  1. That goofy mint concept has the same shape as the mystery coupe you talked about…maybe it's the same car

  2. An all new G80, revised G70 and Gv70 are to be expected. But maybe they should consider adding a larger G90-based GV90 and a GV60 subcompact based on the Kona platform to the mix. Which adds more options to their catalogue and enables younger buyers to get into the brand by having entry level luxury cars in the lineup.

    As for a coupe, they could go for a practical 2+2 GT car as a successor to the Genesis coupe as a cosier alternative to higher trim Mustang, Camaro and Challenger models.

  3. Goofy?

    "Tsk, tsk," I say! You of all people should applaud a sporty innovative runabout. Alas, it will probably not be available in the good ol' U.S.of A. unless they can jack it up and attach a gun rack to the back window.

  4. I believe the fastback coupe profile may be hinting toward a production versions of the 2018 Genesis Essentia Concept. The slope, belt line, and window framing all match very closely.

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