2021 BMW 4 series

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This is it. And truly the worst case scenario.
It was previewed in the 4 Concept a while ago, and that grille got a huge amount of very negative reviews and comments.
But never mind, BMW does not care. Between that grille and the huge tacky vents on the side, this could be one of their worst design ever.

Let’s really hope this turns out to be a huge flop. Something that ugly should never be rewarded with any kind of success…

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  1. Looks super fast already, just sitting there half covered. They didn't go full the double "Nieren" grill though. That is an aggressive stance and probably will look quite good once the license plate is covering most of the grill.

  2. In 5 years, no one will care about this rather big grille. In fact we will be used to it. I see in the streets some cars built 20 years ago and am thinking WTF they were thinking back then.

  3. I blame China for this monstrosity. They like big grills becaue they wanna show off their fancy new car to everyone

  4. The large grill has truly not impacted Lexus sales, so I really doubt it will do much to BMW's bottom line either. I personally don't like it though.

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