2021 Cadillac Escalade

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Sure, the new Escalade is still based on the Chevrolet Tahoe. But now it has, more than ever, its own personality.
The best part is its unique interior. With a stunning dashboard design. 
And one of the very best new sound system ever offered in a production car.
The whole thing seems very attractive. Not only to current Escalade owners, but also to anyone looking for a luxury vehicle.
It is quite impressive in person.
And, it will be available with the amazing 3.0 Duramax Diesel. Which just set drove a few weeks ago in the GMC Sierra.
Where I got amazing MPG numbers. (I got 23 City and 35HWY)
Cadillac did not mention the upcoming EV version at the event tonight. 
But you know it is coming…
More on the all new Cadillac escalade very soon.

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  1. Exterior looks very generic to me.. Previous generations looked obnoxious but at least you would remember them (not for being pretty).

  2. Very nice interior, but much like all Escalades it's bloody hideous. Congratulations you figured out how to design a box with wheels for the American masses devoid of any style.

  3. The level of obesity in our country necessitates such oversized vehicles. Nothing special here, unless you add to it thug wheels.

  4. Looks like a disproportionate Hyundai Palisade but surely less reliable and more costly to maintain.

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