2021 Chrysler Pacifica

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 I always liked the Chrysler Pacifica. Not only it looks really good and modern. But even with only a short test drive (in the hybrid model), I was able to tell it drives really well.

I guess, after over 3 years, Chrysler though it was time for a refresh. Which is surprising, since FCA has been starving Dodge and Chrysler of any new models in years. (probably hoping these brands would die on their own..)
So in a way, it is really good to see some FCA money going to Chrysler.

But I really think that new front end ruins what was a very since, simple and modern design.
That big chrome grille looks like a cheap after market part.
It just does not fit the rest of the design, at all. It’s not like they are trying (like Lexus) to make sure all their new models have the same face, since they don’t have any new models!

Why? This is a big step backward. I guess the only reason was to make the friendly looking Pacifica seem more aggressive.
Which seems to be a trend these days. Making everything look like an obnoxious truck.

 But I do like the new rear end (top picture)
Which is simpler and actually flows better with the rest of the car. it almost feels like this is what it should have looked like since the beginning.

Nice job there.

Nothing really new inside. Except a more luxurious version available and a larger screen.

The big news for 2021 is the availability of AWD.
Which is a great addition to the minivan. And something that will make the Pacifica even more popular.

And, at least, the Chrysler brand can say they have something new for 2021. Even if it is not “all new”.
It’s a small step towards keeping Chrysler alive…

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  1. I thought exactly the same when I saw it, I like the new back but that friend looks cheap and like it was chopped from some chinese car. Overall it looks worse than before imo.

  2. Totally disagree. The old version looks really dated and that weird chrome strip on the front that looks like a bull bar doesn't help. New version looks slick and modern.

  3. The new refresh Chrysler Pacifica comes in an all blackout model too! If I were in the market for a minivan, the all blackout Chrysler Pacifica is my choice.

  4. The only reason I can think of for them making the new front end more truck like is to get more people to buy them and make more money. Pretty pathetic, huh?

  5. I think the new styling–especially the bolder front end–was much needed. I really like the restyle.

  6. Front looks as though they are reverting to the previous Town & Country model. The other updates look very nice.

  7. Chalk me up to one who thinks the front is an improvement also, but I must like large grills to a point anyway. I recently picked up a Hyundai Palisade for my wife. After 10 yrs and 200K, we finally traded our Honda Odyssey. It served a purpose, but I am happy we can finally shed that minivan image.

  8. The other change inside is that large center console between the armrest and the dash. It used to be open, with a smaller cubby on the floor:

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