2021 Genesis G80

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I am not 100% sure, but I think these are the real thing, but they look pretty close.

And they show a nice looking sedan. Nothing crazy.
But with a severely droopy rear end…

Speaking of which, I was driving next to a brand new 2020 G90 this morning, and noticed the “droopy butt” on that car too.
I still think the G80 would have worked better as a hatchback.
But this i still a pretty conservative new brand that will not take such a chance. On an already shrinking part of the market.
Too bad.

Otherwise, we already know the G80 will share its platform and engines with the all new GV80 SUV.
And the interior will also be quite similar. 

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  1. This are awful renderings, they don't look remotely close to real.
    Like the commenter before me said, and I second, that grille makes them look really bad.

  2. I think the new grille and headlight/taillight design gives Genesis a more distinctive brand identity and definitely helps distinguish and elevate the brand above its Hyundai roots. The current G80 (which started its life cycle as a Hyundai) has too many Hyundai derived design cues to properly distance itself from its mainstream brand origins. It’s an attractive sedan, but its grille and headlight/taillight shapes still convey more of a Hyundai flagship sedan appearance than a vehicle that belongs in a separate luxury division. I think the design of the next gen G80 will definitely remedy this issue.

  3. Pretty nice looking, reminds me a lot of the Honda Accord from the side. Not a fan of the oversized Superman grille and the taillights are kind of bland for a luxury car. But I think it's better looking than a Lexus.

  4. Droopy all the way around. Like the boring looking Audi A7. In these photos I am not sure it is an improvement over the current one. Different, but not better.

  5. The two-bar headlight, fender ornamentation and taillight…are these an attempt at being classic? Bland and pathetic.

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