2021 Genesis G80 interior

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Well, not the whole interior of course.
So far we only get to see the new steering wheel and small hints of the dashboard. Which, so far, seems a bit similar to the new GV80.

It is interesting to notice that the G80 will not use the same steering wheel design as the GV80 SUV (middle pic).
Instead, it looks like the one used in the new sedan will be closer to the design used in the GV80 concept (bottom pic) a few years ago.

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  1. Stunning. Genesis is Leap-frogging the Germans inside imo. Audi is only stuffing more and more screens and ruining the usability. The GV80 is minimalist and unique without the clutter; just some clean shapes and materials, purposeful screen/tech where needed, analog/haptic elsewhere).

    Looking forward to the full reveal of this. They're on a role.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Stunning. Genesis is Leap-frogging the German….

    Completely agree. Just adding stuff to have more stuff is a dead end. After awhile there's no place to put it and it's a distraction. The driver still needs to focus on the road. And if in the future, the cars drive themselves there's no need for the buttons and screens either.

  3. Anonymous said…

    Enough of the Korean website pics. I am now going to send shit to your front door.

    Ha! Butthurt over pics. It it becasue they are from your blog or you do not like the fact the Koreans and Hyundai/Genesis are becoming the new automotive leaders.

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