2021 Hyundai Elantra

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Just a few more pictures of the next generation Elantra.
On the second pic, you can really see the (cheap looking) black plastic trim between the C-pillar and the red side window. Something everyone seems to be doing these days, instead of using glass.
I can see that it would really be a small piece of glass and it might not look that bad once we see the final design.
Plus, some of it might e covered by some chrome trim anyways. 
The car does look pretty slick. And hybrid powertrains are expected. 

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  1. I just don't understand how these auto designers accept those giant pieces of black plastic. If that is the solution, then your whole design is wrong. The shape of this Elantra actually looks more like the new Optima as far as the rear window slope in relation to the rear door and rear quarter window.

  2. You're right Vince, that black plastic piece is a shame! Plus it has lines that pretend to make the car more aerodynamic.. Wowww you can go 200mph because you have this plastic sh**, thanks to you Hyundai!

  3. But if they don't have the limitations of a window and can shape it however they want, why are they making it look more like the new Optima than the Sonata? HyunKia has always been horrible at distinguishing their brands, but with their large sedans both adopting bold new looks you'd think the smaller models would follow in step.

  4. This does not look promising at all!

    What I find perplexing is that Hyundai already has an awesome looking car in this size class in another market (Lafesta), yet they waste money and resources developing this cheap looking design for our market. It doesn’t make much sense. Not only is it much better looking than the awkward looking mess in the spy pics that you posted, it also appears to fit into Hyundai’s lineup better from a design perspective (as someone mentioned earlier, the side window shape of the sedan in the spy pics has a bit of an Optima vibe to it). Instead of developing a separate ugly sales killing design for our market, why not simply adapt the sexy looking Lafesta to be the next gen Elantra for our market?

    The current gen Forte has a proper window in that location, I don’t understand why its Elantra platform mate has to make do with a cheap looking black plastic slab. I don’t care how Hyundai may try to dress it up, it still looks like the low market afterthought that it is. The car would probably look much better if they would simply leave it off the design.

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