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It seems Kia is not giving up. Not only on minivans, but on anything.
They just updated the slow selling Cadenza sedan. (only 4 507 sold in 2018)
They still offer the $60 000 luxury K900 and they sold less than 400 of them in the US last year.
The Sedona minivan sold less than 16 000 units last year, but an all new one is on its way.
I think it’s great. 
Good to see someone offering more than just SUVs these days.
From the look of the prototype above, it seems the new model will have a pretty squared of design.
(especially when compared to the current one)
Maybe not unlike the Kia Soul. Which actually could be pretty cool for a minivan.
Anything different could help.
I think the current generation still looks good, with a really nice, car like interior.
2020 will be quite an interesting year for minivans. A revised Pacifica just came out. An all new Toyota Sienna is just around the corner. And the next generation Honda Odyssey is not far behind.

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  1. Chevy is using an angular greenhouse, too, but I can't think of one on a sedan, where differentiation has been sorely needed for years.

    With an increasingly older, taller, and fatter population, you'd think the market for low-floor, high roof vehicles would be growing, not shrinking. Yet the short-wheelbase minivan has disappeared in the US.

    One thing I noticed on the few I've driven is that the seats don't slide back quite far enough, and I'm only 6'2" with a 34" inseam.

  2. A next-generation Odyssey is very far away. It's barely MY 2020 and this introduced for MY 2018. You got that wrong.

  3. You are right about the Odyssey. The spy shots I have seen show a revised version for 2021, not an all new one…

  4. I think the current generation Sedona is hands down the most attractive van on the market at this time. If the new one as they say is a large elongated Soul it can join the Odyssey as a odd looking van.

  5. The most jarring change is the tall hoodline, I'm afraid you are correct this will adopt the two-tier lighting of the Soul and every Hyundai utility, which seriously ruins what was a very handsome, classy design.

  6. i was thinking the same thing Vince… if it looks like a big Soul with the sliding doors, that actually might be pretty awesome.

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