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The current generation Nissan Note was sold in the US as the Versa Note for a few years.
Even though it is not available here anymore, the Note is still popular in other countries.
And a brand new one is coming out soon.
As you can see from the picture above, the new design will be quite a departure. Not only from the current Note, but from all other Nissan designs.
It looks like a very sharp origami. There seem to be very few curves, if any.
Lots of it seems to have been inspired by the cool Ariya Concept.
Since Nissan would rather sell us the Kicks, the next generation Note will probably not be coming over here.
But let’s hope if previews a cool and different design language. Something we could maybe see on the next generation Pathfinder. Or Rogue…

This is the Ariya concept.
The new Note pictured above looks a lot like a toned down version of this. At least up front…

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  1. My first guess is it's a production version of the Ariya, but the charging port doesn't seem to be in the same place as the concept. It could have been moved to the rear like Tesla, but that seems unlikely. Qashqai/Rogue Sport seem possible, but it is hard to judge the size of this vehicle from the photo as there's no view of the rear.

    It's not a Rogue or Pathfinder as spy photos of those two have been floating around a while now and neither one appears to be Ariya influenced. Based on the spy photos floating around, the next Rogue seems to take cues from the X-motion concept. I haven't figured out what the next Pathfinder takes cues from yet. Hopefully we will be seeing those two new vehicles in the next few months as Nissan badly needs them both to be successful to stand a chance of survival.

    Where is Carmaker1 when you need him? Hey Carmaker1, if you are reading this… care to chime in and tell us what this is?

  2. I wonder if the next generation Murano will look very similar to this. I think the next Murano is due in fall of 2021.

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