2021 VW Atlas

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 The VW Atlas is also getting a few changes for 2021.
The front ends is closer to the new 5 seater Atlas Sport. And why not…
Thinks look a tiny bit smoother.

In the rear, just a few small details.

And nothing looks new inside. (2021 on top) Which is where it needed to be improved the most.
Since it has always looked old and cheap in there. (Although they do mention a new steering wheel and larger screen)
But VW thought it was just fine, and not worthy of any improvement at all.

I wish them good luck with that. Competing with the Palisade/Telluride, new Highlander. A new Pathfinder is just around the corner. And many more.

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  1. This finally doesn't look like a 1995 SUV! They did improve it to the point that now it looks like a 1997 model!

  2. Still sucks….. What a disappointment that this was supposed to be the "CrossBlue" diesel hybrid ;(

  3. Personally, i think the new lower fascia look worse. I wonder where the fog-lights will go? Also, the body-width reflector in the rear bumper just looks stupid.

  4. Vince, today's posts about the Atlas and the Pacifica remind me to tell you how much I appreciate your side-by-side pix of this year's model (exterior and interior) compared to the new model.
    No other website does this so well.

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