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Last year, VW showed us a compact pick-up concept based on the MQB platform called the Tarok.
From the patent designs above, it looks like it will make it into production soon.
At least for the Brazilian market.
I think it should come to the US as well.

As you can see from the pictures above, the concept already looked like a production car.

The patent photos show how close the production model will stay to the concept.
The interior especially, looks like it is ready to go.
That interior would also be a big improvement in the Tiguan.

The Tiguan is due for a mid-cycle refresh very soon, and let’s hope it ends up using the tarok’s new interior.

I think VW has the change to tap into a new market here. So called “mid sized pick-ups” offer so far in the US are actually pretty large. Something like this, based on the Tiguan could appeal to quite a few people.

What do you think? Should the Tarok come here?

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  1. Hope the US does get this. Even though it's larger it sort of has the old Subaru BRAT vibe especially around the rear window cargo area.

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