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Even though the new DS9 is quite a decent looking sedan, this is pretty sad…
The “DS” brand gets its name from the fantastic and futuristic Citroen DS from 1955. The car was produced fro 20 years and still looked more modern than almost anything on the road when it ended production.
So far, Citroen has been putting out really overdone designs under the luxurious DS brand. 
Their new top of the line is this sedan. Which is so heavily based on the Peugeot 508, that it ends up looking very similar.
It looks like a tackier version of the Peugeot. Nothing futuristic anything that stands out from a crowd. Like something called “DS” should be. 
This should just be a Peugeot. 

 Citroen claims the DS is longer and more luxurious than the 508. Which it is.
Since it is based on the long wheelbase version of the Peugeot that is, so far, only sold in China.
But proportions are almost exactly the same.

Badge engineering might be OK for Chevy and GMC. But you would think PSA would really want to make their  DS brand more special.
The DS9 is is just so overdone. Especially inside. So many lines, textures etc…

Let’s hope the upcoming large Citroen car (maybe a sedan) gets a really cool and modern design.
Not something like this…

And how about that ridiculous, ugly, overdone, and vulgar looking clock that sticks out of the dashboard.
This, will stare at you every time you drive.

I guess this is what passes for “luxury” these days..

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  1. I think DS intends for this to be its flagship sedan. I don’t think it is developing a larger sedan than the 9.

    The overall shape of the DS 9 sedan looks very similar to the Chinese market Peugeot 508L sedan, even though the DS 9 sedan is longer and sits on a longer wheelbase than the 508L. It also is much more luxurious and contains features/tech that is not available on the Peugeot.

    I have to admit that I am very disappointed with this design. I fully agree with you that it’s not very distinctive or special. It simply looks like the 508L sedan with DS brand design cues applied to it (even though its dimensions and wheelbase are slightly longer). I would have thought that more effort would have been made to give DS something that would stand out in the crowd and properly announce the intentions and stature of the brand.

    I was really hoping DS would receive something resembling the beautiful Citroen Metropolis Concept or the interesting Citroen Numéro 9 Concept (my preference would actually lean more towards the Metropolis Concept). It would have given the brand something far more distinctive and stunning than what eventually emerged as the production version of the DS 9 sedan. For DS to make an impact in a rapidly shrinking segment, it needed a vehicle with an eye catching “gotta have it” design; this vehicle’s design definitely lacks that quality and fails to visually deliver the goods.

  2. When I saw the first pic of the interior, I saw that clock, but thought it was a cellphone in a built in holder, and I was briefly excited that an automaker had finally created a factory cellphone holder in the dash. Oh, well…

  3. Looks like a French Lincoln Continental. I seriously hope those high-mounted amber lights in the C-pillar aren't the turn signals. It's annoying enough that Kia insists on putting theirs in the back bumper despite having miles of real estate in the upper cluster.

  4. Other than the clock and start/stop button, it's gorgeous. And the clock isn't that bad.

    Make it the next Chrysler full size. Kill the played out MB based thing.

  5. DS is no longer a Citroen division, but a PSA one. It's not a Citroen!! And is not a luxurious Peugeot 508!The DS 9 is longer. As well as the Arteon or the Octavia, or the 508, it has a semi coupe rear end. If see carefully that's the only similar aspect.

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