All new Fiat Strada compact pick-up

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As I mentioned earlier, I think this looks pretty good and there would be a market for it over here.

Sure, car makers one making huge profits on huge trucks.
But profit is profit. Even small. And I really don’t think FCA would loose money by selling this Brazilian made small truck over here.

This would be perfect for pick-up fans who live in the city.

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  1. Many Third World models of First World companies don't meet our crash & emission standards (or quality).

    Ford Rangers were very popular here in NC. I don't understand why the small truck market collapsed while the small CUV and giant 4 door pickup markets exploded.

  2. When you dirve something like this, which is based on the super tiny FIAT MOBI, you will realize that a Mitsubishi Mirage is a 20x better car. US costumers would never live with something terrible like this. Brazilian reader speaking here. Its so narrow that it could barely seat 2 on the front. Imagine at the back

  3. The Toro is based on the same platform as the Jeep Cherokee. It would seem meeting crash standards and emission standards would have a leg up…Or is it more a marketing issue? Ram or Jeep?

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