More pictures of the new Chevrolet Menlo EV

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The all new Menlo is a Chevrolet EV for the Chinese market.
It is still baed on the Bolt, and not GM’s all new and upcoming EV platform.
Although it is quite longer. About 20 inches longer than the Bolt.
Its EV ranged is rated at 161 miles. Which is OK, but far less than the Bolt.
It looks pretty busy, and the proportions are a bit weird when viewed from profile.
This is basically a FWD wagon that is trying way too hard to pass for an SUV…

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  1. That is what size Chevrolet should of made it’s first BEV! Not a subcompact size model like that of the Nissan Leaf and styling it to look nerdy! Chevrolet really did not get who they were targeting their Bolt for.

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