Never produced 1st generation Cadillac CTS versions

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Cadillac had big plans for the all new CTS  back in 2002.
After flops like the Cimarron and Catera, they needed a real small Cadillac that was more than just a rebadged Chevy or Opel.
The CTS was a big project. And Cadillac wanted to compete with BMW and Audi on all fronts.
The coupe seen above was never produced (although we got a coupe with the second generation)
But it really looked very nice. Especially the top photo.

 They also had planned a wagon. Again, going against Audi and BMW.
Which means they had probably planned the CTS to be sold in Europe as well.

My favorite is this convertible version.
Which, I think, still looks great today. Almost 20 years later.
A simple, classy and modern design. Something we basically don’t see anymore…

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  1. You do realize that the CTS program was already underway in 1996 when the Catera went on sale?

    The final CTS sedan body was settled in 1998 and finalized by mid-1999, so "big plans in 2002" is more like "big plans in the late 1990s".

    These photos are probably from 1999-2000.


  2. The convertible is most likely the same car as the 1st photo. Notice in 1st photo a cut line in the door window frame. I doubt the car is made out of metal.

    A fiberglass removable top to give the suits a idea of what could be. That doesn't mean that if the convertible was made it was going to be like the VW EOS but it doesn't make sense to build 2 concepts for something that was never going to get past turning on that rotating platform GM has.

  3. Cadillac keeps making big mistakes in not producing the models good design and continue bring out garbage!

  4. All it needed was a more attractive front fascia.
    Frameless glass and no B pillar are requirements for a coupe.

  5. The top photo is the convertible with a hardtop in place. Note the cut line at the top of the A pillar.

  6. I'm pretty sure that first pic is actually the same car as the last, just with the folding hardtop up.

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