New small Honda Hatchback.

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I actually have no idea what this is.
At first, it does resemble the Civic a lot. But only the front end. The rest of the car is quite different.
Could it be the next generation Civic hatch?
Going for a cleaner, but also super conservative look. (As this seems to have zero personality)

Or something smaller. Other than the Fit.

It could also be something for emerging markets, or China. Something we’ll never get here in the US.

What do you think?

What is this?

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  1. Pretty sure it a hatchback version of the new City. The sedan has a nearly identical front end.

    I appreciate how simple it is, but it's a bit dated overall and I would hope the next gen Civic doesn't follow it too much.

  2. Perhaps this is Honda version of the Yaris XP150? Toyota sells two different Yaris globally, and the Yaris XP150 is just a chopped off Vios Sedan that's sold in China and emerging markets.

    Maybe 2020 Honda Jazz? As in Honda going to split the Jazz and Fit nameplate. Makes sense if they want to streamline their product line, this car and the City can share one production line.

  3. I will gladly disagree with you and say the Accord looks beautiful and I would say rivals the new Kia/Hyundai twins. Polarizing grille be damned, the thing looks expensive.

    I also think the Civic hatch is great looking despite some overworked details.

    Honda sales seem to reflect this and are setting records.

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