2 door version of the 2021 Ford Bronco

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As mentioned earlier, the all new Bronco will also be available in the 2 door, short wheelbase version pictured above.
Which looks even more like the old 1960’s/70’s original Bronco.

Ford has really good engines these days, and this could end up being a great truck.
If priced right  (how about a bit cheaper than the Wrangler?), they will sell tons of these…
As it could be a cool and much cheaper (and reliable?) alternative to the new Land Rover Defender.

Retro designs will rule the earth!

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  1. My only concern with driving one is reliability. I hope the Defender 2 door wont break down either.
    I do hope Toyota brings back the FJ in 2 door form (once again).

  2. Hope this gets priced in the 25 – 30k range.

    If it comes in around this pricing, it should be a HUGE hit for Ford.

  3. I like the lines that go from the top of the windows to the roof suggesting a T-top design. =D

  4. Looks like something a four year old creates when he first starts drawing vehicles. I’m probably in the minority, but I think this is one overhyped vehicle.

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