2021 BMW 4 Series

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Best picture so far of the worst BMW front end design ever: the new 4 series.

Not only does it look terrible. It is also mostly fake.
As you can see, almost no air is getting through.

And, the license plate is right across it, so there is not even a design reason for this.

This is one of the weirdest design choice ever. I looks like a really bad and cheap Chinese car. Not at all something you would expect from an expensive European brand…

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  1. Its probably an active grille, most new BMW's grills are closed like that until more airflow is needed. The giant grille looks terrible though.

  2. This is horrible. My last 5 cars have been BMWs but I think they may be dead to me now. This car is ugly, and I don't buy ugly cars.

  3. Is this the way that BMW completes with SUVs and trucks? My grill is bigger than yours! What a joke.

  4. 🤢🤮 This is the end of BMW, maybe this is the sign of the apocalypse. How can this design get approved is beyond comprehension.

  5. I haven't had a BMW since 2011, my 2007 535 had nothing but problems and the 335 the same before. Haven't been interested in any of their vehicles due to reliability, but the designs have gotten worse with each generation.

    NO, sadly the Germans do not have better taste.

  6. as an opinion and opinion I do not like the car at all because of the big nose and ugly drawn '' by the Bavarian boss from Bmw had bad inspiration to copy after the Audi models grid ''! unfortunately the car will ruin its appearance because of the big nose and ugly drawn On the new model Bmw 4 Series 2020 coupe as if it is inspired by the grids of Audi models ''! so tell him it will fall from declining sales because no one will appreciate the "big nose" and ugly nose drawn on the new bmw 4 series coupe model as the bmw boss from bmw had bad inspiration to copy after the Audi models grid

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